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  1. Päivä Matinsalo

    Please give me, your referral link or bonus link. I’ll register now.

  2. Mugisha Samuel

    Yes Expert option is a scam as I’ve deposited $50 yesterday and I made it $1000 and now when I check my account today morning it shows only $50 again all my trading history

  3. Saleema Amani Kassis

    true or false ? If it is true then I will use it.

  4. I hope this app really can help you

  5. app ຂອງຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ expertoption app ….. $ 1240 ກໍາໄລໃນມື້!

  6. I live in japan about 3 years
    Can i take it ?

  7. My cousin uses this, for about 8-9 months.

  8. Please let me know the signal accuracy rate?????

  9. Is this really working that well??????

  10. Yes, Nice software for trading……………Thanks.

  11. Christine O. Mogensen

    is it legit?i want to learn men

  12. Mebrahtu Kidane

    Please guide me too

  13. Mohd Nasruddin

    अस्सलामो अलैकुम ।
    मुझे लगता है कि आप को विडियो बनानी चाहिए ।
    Account verification और full details के साथ ।

  14. comedy entertainment online earning

    My Request
    AAP ne ab tak kitna amount withdraw kar leya hai

  15. How to create account and withdraw money, please make a video on this.

  16. Hello Bhai Skrill se deposit Kiya expert option mai to Mera Skrill account lock hogya

  17. yeh just wan to now can i trust to Expert opion?

  18. τίμιος άνθρωπος

    have problem with expert option he tells me its not allowed too citizen in euro and usa and canada to trade i web site .. and i think thats how you talk you are from englad can you explain me how you can trade
    thank you!

  19. Can I use it in Cambodia

  20. hi bro, do expertoption accept traders from europe?

  21. I just earned demo account 150000+ and I deleted 👍

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